Fall 2013 Photo Shoot – behind the scenes

I found some amazing items on Etsy, (and in my husband’s closet) for our Fall shoot.  Scroll down to see more, and where you can get them!
Hand Filed  Sterling Silver & Brass Bracelets

benjamina-bracelets2Absolutely love the design of these bracelets by Benjamina Jewelry. I literally never take them off!  These two bangle bracelets are sterling silver filled with brass. Then using a variety of files, they are hand filed in a specific way to let the brass show through creating different and unique markings.   My sister bought these when she saw mine, and she wears them everyday also. They really do go with everything!


Vintage Frank Olive Gaucho Hatfrank-olive-hatOh this hat is so amazing! I used it for the first half of the shoot where the character is supposed to be a ‘tom-boyish cowgirl’; and also for the second half of the ‘sophisticated traveller’ character.  The bubble gum lucite ball detail… dying! They just don’t make details like this anymore! Purchased from Mama Vintage on Etsy. Check it out, they have great vintage goodies!FLORAL2

Fossil Ringjillredesigns-fossil-ring I loved this ring so much we used 2 for the shoot. The model wore them on her index and middle finger, for an almost ‘claw’ look; giving a cool edge to even the feminine shots. These teardrop shaped Orthoceras fossil rings are handmade by JILLreDESIGNS on Etsy. Definitely check out her shop, its filled with absolutely amazing and unique  fossil and stone statment rings.

Druzy Copper Ringjillredesigns-copper-ring2 jillredesigns-copper-ringAnother amazing, original design by JILLreDESIGNS. The earthy reddish brown color of the rainbow agate druzy compliments the copper used to create this ring. The surface of the stone is entirely covered in fine crystals, giving off a lovely shimmer of light.  I had such a hard time choosing rings from this shop. They are all so unique and gorgeous.

Vintage Petal Pink Raw Silk Batik Ensembleraw-silk-dressSo in love with this set, I wear the separates all the time.  This amazing clothing art from the Seventies was discovered at a textile artist and ceramicist’s estate. Forties style wrap top and flared skirt in a striking batik raw silk fabric designed by Adasko/Huberman.  Also Purchased from Mama Vintage on Etsy.  Amazing find!!GOLDEN3 CAMEL4-georgiaHELEN-clutch-cameo-pink Mae-clutch-cameo

Cameo style pin was given to me by my grandmother.
Worn Levi’s and vintage Wrangler button down, taken from my husband’s closet. Thanks Alex!

BLK4- BLACK2-virginia