Goodbye to some styles

The transparencies of it all

Hi friends, it’s time to clean house! In an effort to streamline the collection even further I’ve decided to re-curate my offerings down to the most important, easy, transitional styles and colors. This reorganization will also free up time and space to create some new things!

Styles and colors being discontinued:


Oh I love Mila, designed in 2015. I had this cool floppy basket that held my scarves, I loved the shape so much that I thought it would make the cutest little purse. I used that basket as a starting point for the Mila pattern. The construction of Mila is more involved than my other totes because it has the rounded insert based (instead of gussets); double fold straps; a folded down top border, which takes a lot of manipulation to get smooth, as it’s not sewn down; a magnet closure; and a zippered interior pocket. All these things together add up to a significant amount of labor, which really ups the retail price. The price is definitely indicative of the quality, and I always felt comfortable selling Mila at $325, but since re-releasing my basic square totes, they outsell Mila, so unfortunately she has to get cut. It’s not because I don’t absolutely love her! 🙁


Another smaller sized tote. I always loved to offer a smaller tote especially for the warmer months. I also love them as a non-clutch option for going out. (Honestly, as I’m writing this I am questioning my decision!). But the reality is, Georgia and Montana just outsell Belle. I have a feeling when people are buying a tote they want a ‘tote’, so they go larger. Belle actually fits quite a bit, but has more of purse feel than a tote. I’m really not sure, I’m just speculating. Let me know if you have thoughts about this! I love to hear what you all think! So for now anyway, our beloved Belle is out giving way to Georgia and Montana. (Georgia is my all time favorite and go-to since 2013, she’s here to stay).


There was a time when I was sort of known for the fold clutch, since 2011 I always had some version of one in my shop. The majority of them would have two different sides, for example: two different leathers, or one side leather one side fabric. I always loved the ‘2 faced’ fold because you could choose which side you wanted to show, then when you opened it, surprise! there’s another color or fabric under there! 😉 So, Juliet was my updated version of the fold clutch, I wanted it to be clean and crisp so I decided we would stitch on the outside (instead of the inside then turning it), and paint all the raw edges with edge coat so they are smooth and finished. I personally still love this style, but unfortunately the labor is much more to make compared to a flat pouch that is sewn on the reverse and turned right side out. I could sell this without the edge coat, that would cut down on labor significantly, but I am not willing to do that. Edge coat adds a finished refinement to a style like this, for me it feels like I’m compromising the design to go without. (Some other styles with edge coat are my fold wallet, sam wallet, mary, and clara clutches). So in conclusion, customers are choosing regular flat pouches over Juliet so she unfortunately has to go. (I will say though, Grace has been a huge hit since its debut which is amazing because it’s been my favorite go to all year!).


Mary made her debut in 2015. I designed Mary because I wanted a small, sleek envelope clutch to take to a wedding. Mary did really well, especially in gold. I re-released her this year adding a magnet closure and adding a little height to the body. Mary can be used as a wallet also, US dollar bills can slide in the pouch, then you can add a lipstick and a card case with your credit cards. The larger version Clara clutch, has been more popular though, (seems like people are currently just wanting larger clutches??) so she Clara will stay but Mary is out.


Erin was created from a few requests for this specific shape, “more rectangle like Jane, less square than Abby”. The majority of customers are still choosing Leah and Abby over Erin though, so she will not be restocked. I only have 1 left (in black) , so it’s not on sale, but this is the last one available.


Ok, don’t worry best-selling Emily is not getting discontinued, but I am really editing down to just a few core colors. The same colors are selling over and over so (to save some of my precious inventory space) available colors will be cut from 12 down to 5 options.


*All discontinued styles (with the exclusion of erin purse) are now 40% off. Click here to shop