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About Us

Not into:
fast fashion
poor quality
disposable clothing & accessories

USA handmade
superior quality
super soft natural leather


100% Handmade in Brooklyn, NY since 2011

All items are designed by Annie, then cut, and lovingly hand crafted in house one at a time with help from two very talented leather craftsmen (and woman!).

I believe in supporting handmade, supporting local, and supporting quality.  All materials I use are sourced and purchased from vendors in the US. 95% of my materials are made in the US, if I do use anything that is not of US origin, I still purchase it from a US supplier, so a US retailer is still getting a cut regardless. We could go directly to the source and cut out the US middle-man, but I believe in supporting our local businesses first.

annie bukhman
Leather goods studio

Be unique, Be you

Accessories that let you be you. I want you to take my timeless, intentionally designed pieces and make them individual to you and your style by how you use them, fill them, carry them, and how they age and wear over time uniquely to you. Show us your Annie Bukhman pieces, new and old! #AnnieBukhman

About Annie

After years in New York’s fashion industry, Annie felt a powerful force pushing her in a new direction.  That direction involved creating items made in the US, with materials purchased from US suppliers.  Annie wanted to bring to the marketplace items that women not only wanted to own, but reached for again and again.

Annie grew up in Massachusetts, went to school for Graphic Design and Art History. She has lived in NYC for 14 years; currently residing in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and two cats – Murray Hewitt and Sophia Petrillo.

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