Fall Mood & Design Process

Hey guys! Yes, I know its been an infinity since I’ve done a blog post. My sister (of Lemon Press Blog) was my  amazing ‘virtual assistant’ for a while; she would set up the blog posts for me (it was so awesome to just give her the ideas, and she would execute it). She has since gone back to school; and although Im so sad to not have such a fantastic assistant anymore, I’m so glad she’s doing what makes her happy!!

So I’m back at the blog, this time with the inspiration board from my new collection. My fall / winter 2014 collection will be available very shortly; to get you in the mood I’d like to share the images I continually look at throughout, and a little bit about my design process each season.

Each season I create a simple board via pinterest with the overall mood, colors, textures, or patterns of how I want the collection to feel. I pretty much keep it open on my screen for months and months while designing, I find it helps to keep me (somewhat) focused to design a tight collection. It’s so easy while designing to try every new idea that pops into my head, and to want to offer a million different items; editing down to the most important items I find SO difficult! I usually end up cutting at least 50% of where I started.

Some of you may know this about me; my ‘sketch book’ is also on my computer. I start with a clean artboard in Adobe Illustrator, and just draw out any and all ideas I have for a while. Then I slowly edit and refine it down to the final collection; (fyi- it changes ALOT before its finalized). I like organizing everything on my computer so its all in one place, and I know exactly where it is; Im not good at keeping track of notebooks or loose tear sheets.

Here is an example of a final line sheet, from the spring ’14 collection:
SPRING14 line plan
So finally, here are some of the images off my fall / winter inspiration board: See the full board here on Pinterest. All previous season’s inspiration boards can also be found on my Pinterest profile here 
fall14-inspiration-board for Gift Shop Brooklyn
What is your design process, and how do you stay organized??