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mila tote toast

mila tote toast

Crystal Choker

mila tote in whiskey

mila tote in whiskey

mila tote in black

mila tote in whiskey


mila tote in whiskey

Halo cotton tote

Halo cotton tote

Halo cotton tote

rebecca clutch in sky blue

Suzie Purse in gold

Suzie Purse in gold

gold sequin clutch

Suzie Purse in Silver

Crystal Choker

Aidy purse in whiskey

Aidy purse in whiskey

coin purse and wrist strap

Pearl crossbody purse

Aidy purse saddle

Aidy purse saddle

Aidy purse saddle

LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY
PHOTOGRAPHER: Falcon Griffith
MODEL: Annie Bukhman
(Dyed top and dress by Nade)


THE STORY: a peek inside
I decided exactly one year ago to re-brand my business from Gift Shop Brooklyn to Annie Bukhman. When I started GSB I didn’t actually know what I was going to be selling, I just knew that I liked making things and I wanted to share that with the world.

Choosing a name like Gift Shop Brooklyn gave me the freedom to form the shop into whatever I wanted with a non-committal future. Whether it ventured into home goods, or jewelry, or baby wear, etc. I honestly didn’t know where it would lead me and I was 100% ok with that. I’ve dabbled in many different mediums over the years, some you have seen and some that never made it into the shop.
When I started to get more and more sales, I had less time to ‘play’ and had to really start making some decisions about my shop.

I decided in Summer 2015 that I wasn’t going to design ‘collections’ anymore.
To be honest, I actually loved doing collections– choosing colors and fabrics, creating mood boards, really ‘feeling’ the theme, gathering photographers and models to create the look book, taking product photography, editing all those images, then seeing it all come together in this orchestra that I had been building in my head for months… Its a hell of a lot of work to be done each season to say the least. Although I did always love the outcome, it just doesn’t make sense to operate this way as a small independent brand.  I would do all this work, post my new masterpiece (collection) – then I would still have to make every single piece that sold, answer every email and pack and ship every order. I was on the fast track to burn out. I did get burned out- several times- and have been very open about that on social media. The bottom line is, I either had to change this operation dramatically or close up shop.

Everyone is different. Personally I like to have freedom in my schedule. I like having very few (but excellent) employees, I don’t like feeling chained to my computer, or my sewing machine.  So to keep this brand operating, it made the most sense to 1. hire someone to do shipping. 2. take a good look at what was actually selling and elaborate on that: fewer styles, more colors, not trying to reinvent the wheel every few months (aka – according to fast fashion seasons). 3. hire some production help; not manufacturing at a factory, but a husband and wife team here in Brooklyn. I give them materials and patterns and they help sew quantity for orders.

I see many independent brands shifting into this concept of focusing on the solid foundation pieces we are known for. If we do decide to add a style, it’s not just for the sake of adding a style, but is well-thought out and important enough to add to our repertoire. It can be challenging as a designer to withhold executing every idea that comes into our heads, but every little item we bring to market takes an incredible amount of back-work.  As my mom said to me, “You’re always going to have ideas, and someone else will most likely do them if you don’t, but that’s ok.”

After five years of nurturing this brand, it’s time to leave the ‘Gift Shop Brooklyn’ label behind. It’s not the vague idea it once was.
Welcome to!

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Winter 2015 Collection & Look Book

Annie Bukhman November 25, 2015 No Comments

ANNA pouch
This winter 2015 collection’s look book is inspired by the sleepy, sexy, 1960’s girls of Valley of the Dolls; and the colors, shapes, and textures of the original Parent Trap (the dad’s California ranch is my dreeeeaaaam home!).

ANNA pouchANNA balletANNA ballet
JACKIE purseREBECCA clutchREBECCA clutchGRETEL toteGRETEL toteMINI gold pouchSNOWFALL clutch GOLDEN ROSES GOLDEN ROSES2 GOLDEN ROSES3 GOLDEN ROSES4CHANGE purseCHANGE purse2HAIR tieTESSA purseTESSA purseTESSA purseMARY walletMILA flat clutchSNOWFALL clutchJACKIE purseJACKIE purseJACKIE purseANNA pouchDECO Bronze FoldDECO Bronze FoldDECO Bronze FoldDECO Bronze FoldDECO Bronze FoldDeco mini clutchDECO mini clutchGATOR clutchLEAH whiskeyLEAH whiskey2LEAH whiskey3GRETEL tote_coffee4JACKIE purse8VELVET SCARF4

Photography: Justyna Fijalska
Model: Desiree Dymond
Art Direction/ styling: Annie Bukhman

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New Collection is Here!

giftshopbrooklyn2015For this collection I really wanted to go back to basics. Clean, easy to wear, timeless styles.
I revisited many of my past styles, then stripped them of any unnecessary details or extras; down to the basic size, shape, or material that made the piece strong.
When items are made of gorgeous leathers and materials it is really the only detail needed.
I wanted these pieces to be able to dress up or down, but always with effortless, feminine undertones.
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giftshopbrooklyn2015‘Ocean Tile’ is a Gift Shop Brooklyn original print made from a very small vintage tile I’ve had for about 15 years.  I always loved the color and design, and have been wanting to turn it into a print for quite a few seasons now. I love the way it turned out, fresh and summery.
giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015CAROLINA_BLACKgiftshopbrooklyn2015Carolina Tote Oystergiftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015CLEAR PEACH3giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015DYED TOTE2DYED TOTEgiftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015MAE_COPPER2giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015ALICE TOTE_PARCHMENT2_newgiftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015GEORGIA TOTE_TAUPE2GEORGIA TOTE_TAUPEgiftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015Get to know the collection! Use code: aprilshowers for 15% off your order!
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Credits / Special thanks:
Photography by Justyna Fijalska
Models: Annie Choi & Victoria Zeldin
Majority of the jewelry provided by Everli
Special thank you to Bryan & Suzie Russell for letting us take
over your apartment!! xo






New Collection & Lookbook

So excited to share with you, a new collection and lookbook!
These shots were taken at the beautiful New England home of my grandparents. They designed and built it in the 1970’s. As soon as I finalized this collection, I could only picture doing the lookbook in this house. The colors and vibe were perfect.  All the paintings seen throughout were done by my talented grandmother, Patricia Olean.
(see below to read about my design process for this collection)

See magazine version here.












I created this collection by really doing a long, intense study on almost everything I’ve previously created.  Sizes, texture, colors, functions; it can all be so overwhelming.  Im at a point now where I know a lot of people who own several of my products. I spoke with many of them asking their opinion; which styles they use the most, and what they are used for. I found out some interesting information! I also did a complete rummage of all my materials, and past samples, re-examining old prototypes and ideas.  If I had tons of space I would definitely be a hoarder of supplies, and keep every item I’ve ever made, but I can only store so much in my Brooklyn apartment. So, I got rid of almost everything; it was tough, but I feel like it really cleared my head to start fresh, keeping the ideas and moving forward with them.
*Take advantage of current coupon code: gsbfriends for a 10% discount

Style Photography – Lindsay Totolo Fullam
Product Photography – Alex Bukhman
Art Direction / Model – Annie Olean Bukhman


Look Book Look Back

I wanted to take a look back at one of my favorite, (non-professionally photographed) look books. This one is from Fall 2012; Alex and I did this ourselves.  I had envisioned a sort of cut and paste look, as if I was just floating around these floral backgrounds.  We used vintage tablecloths laid on the floor of our living room, then Alex set up a ladder and affixed his camera at an angle to shoot down at me. It was definitely a process, especially because our Brooklyn apartment isn’t huge, so we didn’t have a ton of space to work with. I love the result though, I would love to do this concept again professionally!!
Click on image to enlarge
Here are some behind the scenes shots:

See the rest of my look books here

summer 2014 – look book!

GSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbookThe Prism Collection began last summer on my evening walks in the park with my husband. I would come home and jot down different color combinations I had seen; like the peach moon against the blue-grey sky.  My collections pretty much always begin with color, the prism that is the evening sky inspired this.
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GSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbook

GSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbookGSB SP14 lookbookThe ‘Arizona sky’ inspired print in the background of these images is actually fabric I hand dyed.  I started thinking about dying and how each time, with each fabric, every square inch is different.  Its completely unique, just like us, just like the evening skies. So the beginning of the ‘be unique, be you’ campaign. GSB SP14 lookbook

Credits / Special thanks:
Photography by the amazingly talented Justyna Fijalska
Modeling is the gorgeous Falcon Griffith
Leather ties courtesy of Grove Lane Ties – [Coincidentally handmade by our model Falcon]
Special thank you to Curtis Willocks for all your help (and bringing chips)!

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Fall 2013 Photo Shoot – behind the scenes

I found some amazing items on Etsy, (and in my husband’s closet) for our Fall shoot.  Scroll down to see more, and where you can get them!
Hand Filed  Sterling Silver & Brass Bracelets

benjamina-bracelets2Absolutely love the design of these bracelets by Benjamina Jewelry. I literally never take them off!  These two bangle bracelets are sterling silver filled with brass. Then using a variety of files, they are hand filed in a specific way to let the brass show through creating different and unique markings.   My sister bought these when she saw mine, and she wears them everyday also. They really do go with everything!


Vintage Frank Olive Gaucho Hatfrank-olive-hatOh this hat is so amazing! I used it for the first half of the shoot where the character is supposed to be a ‘tom-boyish cowgirl’; and also for the second half of the ‘sophisticated traveller’ character.  The bubble gum lucite ball detail… dying! They just don’t make details like this anymore! Purchased from Mama Vintage on Etsy. Check it out, they have great vintage goodies!FLORAL2

Fossil Ringjillredesigns-fossil-ring I loved this ring so much we used 2 for the shoot. The model wore them on her index and middle finger, for an almost ‘claw’ look; giving a cool edge to even the feminine shots. These teardrop shaped Orthoceras fossil rings are handmade by JILLreDESIGNS on Etsy. Definitely check out her shop, its filled with absolutely amazing and unique  fossil and stone statment rings.

Druzy Copper Ringjillredesigns-copper-ring2 jillredesigns-copper-ringAnother amazing, original design by JILLreDESIGNS. The earthy reddish brown color of the rainbow agate druzy compliments the copper used to create this ring. The surface of the stone is entirely covered in fine crystals, giving off a lovely shimmer of light.  I had such a hard time choosing rings from this shop. They are all so unique and gorgeous.

Vintage Petal Pink Raw Silk Batik Ensembleraw-silk-dressSo in love with this set, I wear the separates all the time.  This amazing clothing art from the Seventies was discovered at a textile artist and ceramicist’s estate. Forties style wrap top and flared skirt in a striking batik raw silk fabric designed by Adasko/Huberman.  Also Purchased from Mama Vintage on Etsy.  Amazing find!!GOLDEN3 CAMEL4-georgiaHELEN-clutch-cameo-pink Mae-clutch-cameo

Cameo style pin was given to me by my grandmother.
Worn Levi’s and vintage Wrangler button down, taken from my husband’s closet. Thanks Alex!

BLK4- BLACK2-virginia