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Early Spring 2012

Annie Bukhman February 19, 2018 No Comments

Oh wow this lovely collection. This whole shoot / collection was very valentine’s day inspired.  I feel like I really bloomed as a designer during this time. I had moved on from the idea of using repurposed materials exclusively. But I still was making everything in small batches, only purchasing 1 yard of fabric at a time. The golden silk fabric (the fabric I paired with the peach leather) I actually used the back of the fabric! The correct / or front side was super bright and ugly, but I saw the back side and fell in love with it. This was before people were really using metallics, so the fabrics I was using made the designs really stand out as fresh and unique.


The dyed scarves were made with this pretty tedious technique I decided to try. They were made of white crepe de chin silk, then I would dye them in this very specific way (normally done with paper) and then apply dye with a brush to certain areas, creating the most beautiful designs. In hind sight I should have made a few, then had fabric printed from those, instead of selling the originals. They were so time consuming to make, I couldn’t offer them for very long. You live and learn!


Photography: Alex Bukhman
Model: Annie Bukhman
Styling: Annie Bukhman

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