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Good Finds – Currently Coveting

Annie Bukhman July 16, 2014 No Comments

There are so many good things on Etsy, (obviously you have to search to find the good stuff). I made it easy for you by sharing some of my favorite recent finds.
You can see more, and follow my Etsy favorites here

Find them here:
1. Silver Square Ring 2. Pygmy Owl Crop Top 3. Upholstered Copper Bench 4. Poet Ring 5. 70s Mermaid Dress 6. Iris Pendant Light 7. Summer Kaftan 8. Open Back Sandals 9. 1960s Neiman Marcus Dress 10. Portrait by Maarten Schroder 11. Johnny Depp Tee 12. Wooden Salad Bowl 13. Vintage Brass Swans 14. Jerk Balloons 15. Killer Queen Cross Earrings 16. Stacking Gold Modern Bracelet 17. Aquamarine Polaris Ring 18. Stripey Kitten Print 19. Vintage Chocolate Suede Booties 20. Porcelain Horse Figurine 21. Mother of Pearl Bird Pin

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