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Fall 2012

Annie Bukhman February 19, 2018 No Comments

This shoot was a project. I had collected all these vintage table cloths (we only ended up using two of them for the shoot) but I wanted to use them as a sort of border for the shots. So for the actual shoot we spread out the cloth and I laid down on it. We realized that Alex couldn’t just stand on the ladder to take the shot like we had planned because it wasn’t the right angle. the camera has to be directly pointing down on me with no angle. So he rigged up his tripod on top of the ladder, with his tool box attached to the end for leverage (so it wouldn’t tilt forward), and used the remote to snap the pic. As far as editing, I was defnitely still learning to to edit and color correct; and really heavy into photoshop filters (shrug and eye roll).

Photography: Alex Bukhman
Model: Annie Bukhman
Styling: Annie Bukhman

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