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Good Listening…

Annie Bukhman May 21, 2014 No Comments
* I discovered Hurray for the Riff Raff a few weeks ago when they were on Conan; I immediately purchased the album. Its a great album, and really perfect for summer listening.
Also, look at her suit here!!! Amazing.sth_suit(image source)
Loving these: The New SF Bay Blues, End of the Line, I Know It’s Wrong (But That’s Alright)
* Really showing my age here – but if you were also in high school in the 90’s you probably listened to Joan Osborne just like me. Her new studio album Love & Hate, is soft and super easy to listen to; its just what us 90’s Joan Osborne lovers have been waiting for.
osborne 1(image source)
Loving these: Work On Me, Kitten’s Got Claws, Keep It Underground
* And of course listening to (my all time fave) Tori Amos’s  Unrepentant Geraldines on repeat.
Tori-Amos(image source)
Loving these: Trouble’s Lament, Wedding Day, & Oysters.. Oof .. Yes!

Hannah Cohen sent to me from my sister, which she discovered on an episode of Girls.

Love these: The Simplest, Shadows, Boy + Angel 

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