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New Collection is Here!

Annie Bukhman April 21, 2015 No Comments

giftshopbrooklyn2015For this collection I really wanted to go back to basics. Clean, easy to wear, timeless styles.
I revisited many of my past styles, then stripped them of any unnecessary details or extras; down to the basic size, shape, or material that made the piece strong.
When items are made of gorgeous leathers and materials it is really the only detail needed.
I wanted these pieces to be able to dress up or down, but always with effortless, feminine undertones.
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giftshopbrooklyn2015‘Ocean Tile’ is a Gift Shop Brooklyn original print made from a very small vintage tile I’ve had for about 15 years.  I always loved the color and design, and have been wanting to turn it into a print for quite a few seasons now. I love the way it turned out, fresh and summery.
giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015CAROLINA_BLACKgiftshopbrooklyn2015Carolina Tote Oystergiftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015CLEAR PEACH3giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015DYED TOTE2DYED TOTEgiftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015MAE_COPPER2giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015ALICE TOTE_PARCHMENT2_newgiftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015GEORGIA TOTE_TAUPE2GEORGIA TOTE_TAUPEgiftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015giftshopbrooklyn2015Get to know the collection! Use code: aprilshowers for 15% off your order!
*Promo ends  friday 4/24/15

Credits / Special thanks:
Photography by Justyna Fijalska
Models: Annie Choi & Victoria Zeldin
Majority of the jewelry provided by Everli
Special thank you to Bryan & Suzie Russell for letting us take
over your apartment!! xo






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