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Photo Diary

Annie Bukhman June 12, 2014 2 Comments

You may have noticed I put my etsy shop on vacation recently for a while; basically I need a break. For the past two years I have been going non stop at full speed. I love what I do and I love keeping all my wonderful customers happy, but I think I finally reached a point of burnout. I started not feeling well (nothing serious), basically just my body telling me it is going to stop functioning properly until I treat it better.  So I am on a short, but necessary cleanse – physically and mentally.  Not to get too intense or personal. just letting you all know what is happening over here! I will be back (at full speed I’m sure) soon! In the mean time, giftshopbrooklyn.com is active, and orders can still be placed there.

On a different note, I am finalizing styles for my next collection, so any requests?? Please feel free to leave comments of what you would like to see offered in my shop this winter.
xo a.


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2 thoughts on “Photo Diary

  1. Sending you much-deserved well wishes for a restful break 🙂 more tie-dyed canvas/silk clutches and totes plus metallic leather please!!

  2. Everyone needs a break to refresh themselves, and it is well-deserved!

    As for your next collection, if any totes with zip closures are possible would totally buy it in an instant (especially if it is pink!).

    Thank you and keep up the fabulous work!

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