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Summer 11 – First collection (redo)

Annie Bukhman February 15, 2018 No Comments

Ok, then Alex taught me how to actually use the camera. (Please see previous post if you don’t know what I’m talking about). I sat on the heater in our bedroom because its next to the window, with the camera set up on a tripod. All the styles were made out of recycled materials like leather, lace, and cotton found at thrift stores Some I then  hand dyed – which I had just recently taught myself how to do. The little hankies and the tee shirt I screen printed – also had just taught myself how to burn a screen and print – I only did this a few times, so much work! The little wallets were made out of leather from vintage skirts; I then hand sewed on heavy chain across the top (very Stella McCartney, but I swear I came up with the idea organically 🙂 ).  I loved the look, but it took a very long time to make. The bracelets were made by hand dyeing this trim I bought, then I hand sewed on little glass beads, then glued it to a brass cuff bracelet. Again, very pretty and cool looking, but took So. Much. Time.! The shoulder bags I was very proud of (also made up of all repurposed materials) I designed them so you could remove the strap and use it as a clutch, wear the strap long as a cross body, or weave the strap through the ring to hook at the top, making it a small shoulder bag. Ever since day 1 I wanted my creations to be aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and functional.

xx -Annie


Photography:Annie Bukhman (tripod & remote) 😉
Model: Annie Bukhman
Styling: Annie Bukhman

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