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Summer 2011 – Debut collection

Annie Bukhman February 15, 2018 No Comments

My first collection ever! This was the first set of images I ever took, I did not know how to use a camera. I also didn’t know that much about editing photography. All the styles were made out of recycled materials. Leather, lace, and cotton found at thrift stores; which I then hand dyed -which I had just recently taught myself how to do. The little hankies and the tee shirt I screen printed – also had just taught myself how to burn a screen and print – I only did this a few times, so much work! The little wallets were made out of leather from vintage skirts; I then hand sewed on heavy chain across the top (very Stella McCartney, but I swear I came up with it organically), I saw hers about a year later. I loved the look, but it took a very long time to make. I only made 2 of everything.

xx -Annie


Photography: Annie Bukhman (camera on table with self timer) 😉
Model: Annie Bukhman
Styling: Annie Bukhman

Annie Bukhman

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